Medical Welfare, Education, Training, Research & Development

Bashir Memorial Health Foundation

Aims & objects

 To provide the poor & low-income patients with advanced & essential medical & surgical care either free or on charity basis.

 To built, establish & manage start-of-the-art medical institution, for general surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy & laparoscopic surgery, with all allied medical & surgical facilities & departments including hematological, biochemical & pathological laboratory, radiology, ultrasound, anesthesia, medicine & cardiology.

 To improve and/or aid hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and to provide for them maximum medical aid and facilities free of cost or at a minimum fees, should it be found necessary.

 To provide mobile medical facilities, blood banks, & ambulance services.

 To arrange health awareness programs for the general population, using all available means including seminars, symposia, conferences, round table discussions, newspaper, internet, media programs & TV dramas.

 To publish periodicals, publications & books that helps in betterment of medical & surgical education.

 To develop a culture of medical & surgical research.

 To create spirit of mutual help & sympathy amongst of the people.