About Us


Registered as Bashir Memorial Health Foundation (BMHF), it is a non-governmental, non political organization working for Medical Welfare, Health, Education, Rehabilitation, Rebuilding, Training, Research & Development. The mission is to provide vital aid to those in need.

BMHF is a voluntary, non-profitable, social welfare Organization, registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance-XLVI 1961, Registration No. DSW (3591)-K. However, to align with the website address, it adopted name as “Bashir Foundation”, a couple of years after starting operations.

Strive in particular to advance the empowerment movement among the under-served by addressing, through projects, programs and services, their growing unmet need and demand for health and education and work cooperatively in this endeavor with all interested governmental and non governmental organization.

Functioning in rural areas & slums of Karachi, the idea of BMHF was launched in 2003. It consists of male & female members who are from different fields of life i.e. surgery, medicine, dentistry, management accounting, I.T. Professionals, Engineers, Teachers, Social Workers, & Students.

BMHF has been working to achieve its goals, aims and objectives since its inception.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide the poor & low-income patients with advanced & essential medical & surgical care either free or on charity basis, and to help them in meeting livelihood needs.
  • To provide relief assistance at the time of needs like major catastrophic events in any part of the world, being affected by earthquakes, floods and wars.
  • To built, establish & manage start-of-the-art medical institution, for general surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy & laparoscopic surgery, with all allied medical & surgical facilities & departments including hematological, biochemical & pathological laboratory, radiology, ultrasound, anesthesia, medicine & cardiology.
  • To improve and/or aid hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and to provide for them maximum medical aid and facilities free of cost or at a minimum fees, should it be found necessary.
  • To provide mobile medical facilities, blood banks, & ambulance services.
  • To arrange health awareness programs for the general population, using all available means including seminars, symposia, conferences, round table discussions, newspaper, internet, media programs & TV dramas.
  • To publish periodicals, publications & books that helps in betterment of medical & surgical education.
  • To establish and run non-profit schools and vocational centers.
  • To create spirit of mutual help & sympathy amongst of the people.

Our welfare activities & projects brief report is as follow:

Medical Assistance

Free operations, ultrasound & endoscopy, consultation, and medicines in health sector.

Educational Assistance

Scholarships, free books to poor and deserving students.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to needy for their livelihood like house rent, bill payment, food, clothing, etc.